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Share information, advertise your products, and express yourself in a whole new way is the easiest way to host your VR compatible Digital Bacon projects

Billing is done for each calendar month and our tiered pricing allows you to automatically save as more users visit your website. Click on each button below to see how

*Enables multi-user experiences

GB Used Cost per 5 GB
0-100 $1.00
101-500 $0.75
Over 500 $0.50
Server Messages Processed (in 10,000s) Cost per 10,000 Messages
0-20 $1.00
21-100 $0.75
Over 100 $0.50

Bandwidth is calculated from the amount of data sent over the internet to serve your website to users. For example, a small website that's 10MB could be served to ~500 unique users for just $1!

Server Messages are calculated by the number of messages sent between users and the server when setting up and maintaining multi-user experiences. Websites that don't support multi-user experiences won't be charged for server messages